Friday, July 2, 2010

Greetings from Paris, France! I am having a great time here.  Right now it is 8:16 PM Paris time.  This has been my first official full day in the City of Lights.  
What an interesting start to my day--
I woke up at 4:44 to the sound of cars driving by outside my room that I share with three other guys from Seattle Pacific. Interestingly enough, one of my friends also woke at this time. We ended up heading outside to experience the "morning life" of Paris.  There were hardly any people out at this time.  Quite to be expected I can imagine. We ended up walking around for a while--until 6:30 to be exact when we headed over to a cafe for some early morning coffee.  What a great start to my day! 
After this, at 8:50, we headed to our "school" if you will, where I will be studying French cinema.  After a two-hour orientation with our leader we all went out for lunch at a dine-in restaurant.  I had penne pasta and turkey that tasted soo sweet and soo good!
Afterwards, I went with a new friend on an excursion to find the famous Shakespeare and Company Bookstore.  I was thoroughly impressed. So many books!
So, my day is almost over.  I'm tired.  I want to sleep but think that it would be wise for me to stay up longer to adapt to Paris time.
Until til next time,


  1. tres bien... glad you like shakespeare - glad it is still there.

  2. Thank you for painting the nice image of Paris in the morning in your entry today. Also your attitude of openmindedness is a good reminder of the pleasures of living in (and for) the moment. Seize the day.